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Intro To Trauma-Informed Yoga Training

CE Hours:  8 contact



Techniques, Training & Practice (TTP)

Teaching Methodology (TM)

Anatomy & Physiology (AP)

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics (YPLE)


Description:  This training is for yoga teachers, educators, social workers, mental health care providers and those working with individuals and communities affected by trauma who would like to incorporate trauma-informed yoga into their classes, current work and offerings. 


An estimated 70 percent of adults in the United States have experienced a traumatic event at least once in their lives. Traumatic experiences can overwhelm ones ability to cope, and can manifest as depression, anxiety, fear, and stress along with a variety of health issues. 


In this workshop we will explore the various types of trauma, their causes (both individual and systemic) and physiological affects. Yoga teachers will be provided

with the tools needed to offer more trauma-informed classes and professionals working with individuals/communities affected by trauma will learn basic yoga tools to integrate into their work.


A trauma-informed yoga practices is effective in strengthening resiliency and developing greater self-regulation.  A trauma-informed class provides a safe, supportive environment where one can explore how the practice of yoga can help create a sense of calm, ease ,stability and empowers participants with the tools needed to feel safe and at-home in one’s body.  

Topics covered in this workshop include:


  • Review of evidence-based research in support of trauma-informed yoga practices

  • Understanding the types of trauma (shock, developmental, complex, collective)

  • The stress response and the nervous system

  • Science of trauma and its impact on the physical, mental, and emotional body

  • Yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditations reduce/relieve the effects of trauma and support self-regulation

  • Creating a trauma informed class (cueing, sequencing, trauma-informed language)

  • Self-care, self-awareness and conscious activism

  • Creating a safe and supportive space

  • Practice Opportunities


Upcoming Training

To Be Announced

Please contact Nikki at if you have any questions, accomodation needs or cost is a barrier


This training is offered periodically throughout the year.  If you are intrested in hosting a training or would like to be notified when new training dates are set please contact Nikki here.

Yoga For  Recovery-Series

The practice of yoga can play an integral role in the effective treatment of and on-going recovery from addiction. Yoga provides an integrative approach to mental, emotional, and physical health addressing the whole person, not just the addiction. This is an all-levels, seven-week series open to anyone seeking a safe, supportive environment to continue their journey of healing and recovery from any addictive behaviors. No previous yoga experience needed.

How yoga supports recovery

• Develop positive tools to manage stress and anxiety
• Regulate nervous system, creating a sense of calm and ease in mind and body
• Enhance ability to challenge thoughts and behaviors
• Increase compassion for self and others
• Recognize early signs of distress in mind and body
• Relieve physical tension and pain
• Develop life-long skills to help sustain recovery

Not Currently Meeting.  Please contact Nikki to be notified when the next session is open for registration.​

Please contact Nikki at with any questions, special requests or if cost is a barrier.

Online Course:

Heart-Centered Healing
for Body Image and Disordered Eating

A 5-Week Online Course for Body Image and Disordered Eating With Nikki Cook & Jennifer Kreatsoulas 

Our relationships with our body and food can become all consuming. We feel weighed down by shame, worry, guilt, embarrassment, and other feelings that block us from our heart center — the beautiful essence of who we truly are.

Can you relate?

Do you feel preoccupied with food and your body?

Do you believe your self-worth is directly related to your body or relationship to food?

Do you wish to reconnect with your passions, talents, and confidence?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we invite you to join us for a 5-week online course that will teach you how to use the Yogic practice of intention setting to heal negative body image and disordered eating.

A sankapla or intention is one’s heartfelt desire.

On the surface, we may believe our heart’s desire is to change our body. On a much deeper level, however, the desire to change our body is always about a feeling we wish to experience, like confidence, acceptance, courage, freedom, or love. Our course will give you tools to connect with the virtues of your true heart’s desire and cultivate those virtues in your life. Together we will learn how to set an intention and explore practical and empowering ways to use heart-centered living and other tools like guided meditation and yoga poses to heal negative body image and disordered eating.​

This Heart-Centered Healing Course Includes:

  • Five weeks of empowering content to help guide your personal experience, reflections, and heart-centered intention.

  • Five yoga practices to support you in your heart-centered journey that you can do at your convenience every week and can revisit over and over upon the conclusion of the course.​

  • A variety of modalities to explore and practice your heart-centered intention, including meditation, journaling, and creative activities.

  • Invaluable support from Nikki and Jennifer plus a private Facebook group to connect with others in the course.

  • Access to all the course content at your convenience!

Cost: $57

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