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Costa Rica: Healing, Courage, Possibilities

Private Beach

A while back I shared some thoughts on why I decided to say yes to co-leading a yoga retreat in Costa Rica (see below). As someone who lives with anxiety and ocd the thought of travel, especially out of the country, can often lead me down the road of creating a mental list of reasons why I this would not work. To search for reasons to say no which ultimately is a form of protection that I use to keep me in my perceived comfort zone. I have done enough work to know that ultimately this only leads to me saying no to amazing opportunities which I often times find myself regretting later on. I also know that when I do find the courage to say yes I not only end up having a fun, relaxing time I also take a step further in my journey of healing. I become more joyful, present and connected. I experience courage and healing. If you could benefit from a bit more joy, presenence, connection and healing please consider gathering your courage and saying yes to joining us in beautiful Costa Rica. An exerpt from my July guest blog post at Ruthie Goldman Life Design:

Hey all! I wanted to take a bit of time to introduce myself and let you know how absolutely thrilled I am to be joining the Healing and Courage Retreat as a featured instructor. Of course the thoughts of Costa Rica with its lovely beaches, calming waters and soothing island vibe is enough to persuade anyone to jump at the chance to be part of this amazing week. After all, what busy mama of 3 teen/tween girls would not welcome a chance to go on retreat in Costa Rica?

While all of that sounds and will be lovely, what really sealed the deal for me, got me to say yes, was knowing that in addition to all the awesomeness that comes with a week in Costa Rica, this retreat also brings the opportunity to meet, teach and connect with a group of amazing souls. As I continue on this journey of life, one of the things that has become clear to me is the importance of connection; connection to ourselves and connection to others. Connection is what sustains us and supports our growth both as individuals and communities. I am so excited to be spending a week yogaing, surfing and connecting with all of you!

Oh right, I am supposed to share a bit more about me! I am a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, hold a Masters Degree in Education-Counseling and have additional certifications in trauma-informed yoga. I specialize in yoga for eating disorders, addiction and trauma. In addition to my work at local treatment centers, I offer a variety of community and donation-based yoga classes, workshops and trainings. As someone in recovery from an eating disorder, I am passionate about helping others access effective treatment, resources and support that will help them on their journey of healing and recovery. I wholeheartedly believe that yoga can be a powerful and effective component of the healing and recovery process. In my classes you will find a welcoming, supportive environment where you are encouraged and free to be your authentic self.

For me the Healing and Courage Retreat represents a week full of opportunities and possibilities!

  • Taking in the beauty of Costa Rica and its slow paced, welcoming and peaceful vibes. I was lucky enough to spend a week in Costa Rica this past January to celebrate my 45th birthday and I cannot remember a time when I felt more at ease and at peace.

  • Getting out of my perceived comfort zone and trying something I have never done before, Hello Surfing! Or my variation of surfing which may include multiple dips in the water and seated floating :)

  • Deepening my connection to myself through our daily yoga practices and inquiry work.

  • Soaking up the healing rays of the sun…which due to my propensity to burn will most likely include lots of sunscreen, resting under the shade of an umbrella, and a really cute sun hat!

  • Creating meaningful, life-long connections with a group of badass women!

I would love to have you join me, Ruthie and the amazing souls who are saying yes to a week dedicated to healing, courage, connection and community in beautiful Costa Rica.




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